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Cool Stuff to Make Your (Professional) Life EASIER!

Welcome to this week’s Coach’s Corner blog! This week, I wanted to talk about a couple of things that I LOVE and can be useful for all sorts of educators and professionals in general.

Jing: Jing is a cool screen capture tool. I know that some people have the software to do this, but we all do not! You can go online and download Jing for free to your computer. After you download it, it is fairly simply to use. You turn it on, and it records visual and audio. You then open your video via JING and you have access to a link for the video. This is a great tool if you only have time to send an email demonstrating how to access or do something OR if you want to send a follow-up email demonstrating how to access or do something.

The Drawback:  You can only record five minutes at a time; however, it is still extremely useful. 

IPEVO Webcam/Document Camera:  We all do not have access to document cameras, so this is an inexpensive alternative.  IPEVO is a small document camera that attaches to any computer.  The software automatically downloads when you plug it in to your computer, so there are no extra installation issues.  Once you plug in your IPEVO, you are good to go! 

The Drawback:  Sometimes there are lighting issues, so you may have to maneuver a bit around that.

Prezi: Prezi is a platform that allows students and adults to create powerful presentations without using the older, drier, PowerPoint. The cool thing about Prezi is that it is a web-based program, so students do not need to have access to software in order to use it. This works well with Chrome Books, and it allows the students to be a bit more creative. They can add graphics, audio, and video to their presentations, and share them with you.

The Drawback:  If you want access to all of the features, there is a cost; however, Prezi can easily be used without paying the fee.

If you were not already using these three items, I hope you find them useful!  I've used them all and love them all.  Trust me, they have the potential to make you life A LOT easier!

If you are interested in watching this episode of the Coach’s Corner, please CLICK HERE!

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Unknown member
Mar 21, 2023

Thanks for the interesting article. Our company is constantly improving the software to facilitate the work of the personnel department.

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