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Things that Might SHOCK You about Online Programs

Clearly, I’m still in an online program space!  I know that there are always people debating on whether or not they want to do an online program, so I thought it might be fun to dispel some rumors about them. Here is a list of things that might shock you about online programs!

1.  You will need to visit the school every so often. Shocker! You may have to go to the school for an orientation of some sort, to purchase books, visit professors, visit the library—it happens! Prepare yourself!

2.  You will build relationships with your professors. Yes! You will actually build relationships with your professors! In some instances, you have professors several times, and they get to know you. I’ve had professors email me personally to discuss what was going on with my work or my life. Just as in real time, there are some professors with who you will click, and others you will not.

3.  All participants are not technologically savvy.  Although all online programs require the use of specific tools, some people will not be familiar with them.  There will be a person who struggles to email or upload documents.  You have to remember, there are people who sign up for online programs because they fit well into their lives, not simply because they find technology easy to use.

4.  You will have group projects! Yes! You will! Just like in Google Drive, your professor can track every click you make in Blackboard—or whatever other tool your school uses. Every step you take, every move you make, the professor is watching you (I had to do it)! You professor knows if you just divvied up the work and submitted it; therefore, you need to utilize online tools to create group presentations or projects with classmates who are located all of the country.

5.  You will make friends. Most people find themselves in cohorts. Names repeat over and over again. Sometimes you exchange numbers and reach out to people. I legitimately have a friend who I would never have met had we not been in an online program together.

6.  The work is CHALLENGING! I think that this is a very common misconception. I’ve had classes where I’m glad to say I survived! I had to use every study skill that I had in order to survive them! Just as in real time classes, your course is a reflection of your professor. The fact of the matter is, some professors are more involved than others.

Well, I hope that I managed to dispel some rumors about online programs. As I’ve said in other blogs, I’ve been on both sides of the fence. In a perfect world, where I don’t have to work and still get paid a full time salary, sure, I’d go to school full time in real time, but I live in reality with all of you, so I love the flexibility that an online program gives me.

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